Who is Who

We are comprised of local residents, Andy Nicholson – Reverend of St. Philips Church, Reverend Becki Stennett – Methodist Probationer Minister at Leeds North and East Circuit, the Scholes Community Action Group (who organised deliveries for the vulnerable from Barwick Post Office), Parish Councillor – Karen Dales, and Jon Bliss – 1st Scholes Group Scout Leader.

We are formally working with the Neighbourhood Elders Team (NET), netgarforth.org, who are a local charity. We are joining forces with NET to help people of all ages in Scholes who are being affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

Group Members

Rev Andy Nicholson

St Philip’s Church
Your Schools Chair

Karen Dales

Resident / Parish Councillor

Trish Grant

Your Scholes Website

Matthew Hick

Your Scholes Secretary + Deputy Chair

Jon Bliss

Resident / 1st Scholes Scout Group Leader
Your Scholes Volunteer Coordinator

Rev Becki Stennett

Scholes Methodist Church

Julie Walker

Your Scholes Communications Coordinator

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